Our last full day together...
Written by Maria Ramos   
Thursday, 29 May 2008 19:53


Floating on the waters of the Dead Sea!


It's our last full day together. This sad thought made me wake up at 6.30am. But it was spectacular to see the sunshine gently bathing the mountains of Wadi Rum. 

My early start began with lots of laughter as Haider was already up, taking pictures of our Bedouin camp and some of the tourists who had come to stay at the Captain's Camp the night before. Best of all, our guide Awad was already here to say goodbye. Awad, Haider and I started clapping and playing the 'Dembuka' but soon stopped because we realized people were still sleeping. 

The magic of Wadi Rum
Written by Maria Ramos   
Wednesday, 28 May 2008 15:17

Awad plays entertainer during a break in the drive


Wadi Rum is the most beautiful place I've ever seen! 

Nothing else matters when you're here, it's just you, God and the magic of his hand. I really don't have words to describe this desert paradise, I'll let Ammar's pictures do the talking... 

A treat for the senses
Written by Maria Ramos   
Tuesday, 27 May 2008 06:17

Petra, you are truly a 'Wonder of the World'! You're still a treat for all the senses, even if it’s my second visit to you.  

It was John William Burgon’s poem entitled ‘Petra’ written in 1845, which gave Petra the name ‘rose-red city’:

‘Match me such a marvel save in Eastern clime,

A rose-red city half as old as Time’.

Our guide Marwan took us around the Rose-Red city, 85% of which is still underground! Apparently, Petra lies on the African Rift fault line and has been rocked by many earthquakes. It's the iron in the sedimentary rocks that gives Petra its rose-red colour. It is laced with a myriad of colours which, funnily enough, reminds me of the pyramids of local spices in Manama suq! 

Making history in Petra
Written by David Bloomer   
Tuesday, 27 May 2008 01:00

David Bloomer phones in his report to Radio Bahrain


I got up yesterday at my usual time of 6am, it was  another beautiful day in Petra. There was time to spare before the group was due to meet for breakfast so I decided to go for a run. 

The town of Wadi Musa is built on the side of a mountain and our hotel is located at 1,350m so at the gate I had to make my mind up quickly - do I start off running downhill or up? A quick mental toss saw me turning right out the of the gate and heading up a very steep hill. 

Petra continues to captivate
Written by Ammar Hammad   
Monday, 26 May 2008 21:04

Camel drinking water


On our second full day in Jordan, we took in some more sights in Petra. The weather, once again, was clear and perfect for photography.

Among the sights we took in were Siq, the dark, narrow natural gorge which is truly awe-inspiring (you can view some of the pictures in the Gallery), as well as Al Khazneh, where Bedouin music is played in a very surreal atmosphere. 

If you visit Petra, make sure to bring a digital camera with extra memory sticks - you will need them!


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