From Dilmun To Dublin and Beyond
Written by Archie D'Cruz   
Sunday, 19 February 2012 14:06

Dilmun to Dublinand BeyondThe very first Friendship Arabia tour, in 2004, was titled "From Dilmun to
Dublin and Beyond". After the tour, a lavish book about the journey was published, with gorgeous photography accompanying an account of the trip as well as travel tips on every country that the adventurers drove through.

While the book is now sold out, you can still view it in PDF format, chapter by chapter. Click on the links below to download:



The Team + Contents

Stage One: Bahrain

Stage Two: Saudi Arabia

Stage Three: Jordan

Stage Four: Syria

Stage Five: Lebanon

Stage Six: Turkey

Stage Seven: Greece

Stage Eight: Italy

Stage Nine: Switzerland

Stage  Ten: France

Stage  Eleven: Belgium

Stage Twelve: The Netherlands

Stage Thirteen: England

Stage Fourteen: Scotland

Stage Fifteen: Ireland

Stage Sixteen: Denmark

Stage Seventeen: Sweden

Stage Eighteen: Germany

Stage Nineteen: Austria

Stage Twenty: Slovenia

Last Stop